Roof Cleaning in Glastonbury Somerset

Roof Cleaning in Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a magical place.  It is probably best known as the site of the festival – which actually takes place in nearby Pilton, but the town is also very special attracting visitors lured by the promise of spirituality and mystery.

After all, there aren’t many places in the world where you can buy some normal household provisions, a dream catcher, a spell for casting a spell over a loved one, and some multi-colored hippy boots all in the same street. You can in Glastonbury. This small Somerset town seems far removed from the rest of the world and certainly in a different time zone,  but life here continues fairly normally, with a selection of lively pubs and ordinary shops and services squeezed in among the esoteric offerings of the new age traders.

Glastonbury has long fascinated visitors. It is notable for its myths and legends relating to Glastonbury Tor, a hill that overlooks the town topped by a roofless tower called St Michael’s. King Arthur, the Holy Grail, and Joseph of Arimathea – the man responsible for the burial of Jesus was said to have visited in the medieval age. He planted his staff into the ground and it flowered miraculously into the Glastonbury Thorn – a type of hawthorn also known as the Holy Thorn. This grew for many hundreds of years and has been propagated by grafting since ancient times.

Despite all the magic in the air, homeowners in Glastonbury still need to consider ordinary everyday tasks such as home maintenance. One important aspect to consider is the need for roof cleaning in Glastonbury Somerset

Luckily there are roof cleaning services in Glastonbury Somerset area. They can carry out both jobs in the same visit with very little disruption to your household.

A professional gutter and roof cleaning service in Glastonbury Somersetuses powerful equipment to clean your roof and your guttering. Much of the work can be carried out from ground level by the use of extendable water fed poles but if your contractor needs to gain access to your roof, this is just part of the service.

Roof Cleaning Glastonbury is usually carried out by low-pressure washing which is then followed by a biocide treatment to prevent mossy regrowth. Gutter cleaning is usually carried out by use of a professional wet and dry vacuum system that removes debris and leaves your guttering sparkly clean.

Cleaning your own roof and guttering with a high pressure washer is not recommended. This is far too powerful for most materials so will cause long-lasting and irreparable damage. By contrast, having your roof and gutters cleaned professionally extends the life span of your roof and gutter and not only makes your property look smart and clean – it is good for your property.

Roof and gutter cleaning is not expensive. Check out your local service providers and you may find that some companies offer deals if you have both jobs carried out in one visit. Nobody wants to waste money after all but having your gutters and roof cleaned professionally is one domestic service that you won’t regret

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