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Nottingham is often overlooked by visitors who generally see the town as a suburb of Nottingham, but according to locals, this is a great place to live and is well worth a visit too.

Nottingham House Prices

According to Right Move, living in Nottingham is a good option for anyone who wishes to work in Nottingham without paying higher city prices because transport links are convenient and cheap and because you get much more for your money in Nottingham. Saving money is important but there is more to Nottinghamas simply a dormitory town of Glasgow.

This large town is home to 77,000 residents and although it does not have city status it is the centre for the Nottingham council area and it is the old county town of the region of Nottingham – an area established in the Middle Ages. It has had a long and thriving history and there is plenty to do and to see including parks and galleries and museums too as well as plenty of pubs, cafes and restaurants across the area.

Life in Nottingham

The town was once home to a thriving weaving industry and there are still visible reminders of this in the local architecture such as Anchor Mill, a magnificent industrial building now repurposed as upmarket housing.  However Nottingham is best known for its beautiful fabric design – the Nottingham print that carries the name of the town.

The Nottingham design originates from the Kashmiri shawls which were originally bought back to Europe and Britain via the East India Company.  Although this tear drop pattern originated from India, they began being made in Nottinghamin 1808 and became extremely popular around the world. You can visit the Nottingham Museum to find out how this ethnic pattern because synonymous with Nottingham. It is a must see visit for any one interested in textiles or the fashion industry.

Cleaning Roofs in Nottingham

Nottingham has a wide range of housing from everything to blocks of local authority council houses and modest terraced homes to upmarket Victorian manors on the edge of town. But whatever type of property you own, your home is always your castle and needs maintenance in order to keep it looking good and functioning properly.

Roof cleaning in Nottingham is always important and in this part of Nottinghamshire especially so because of the damp climate. This is because moss and algae thrive in wet weather and can have an adverse effect on the comfort of your home.

If roof moss is not removed from it can damage tiles and brickwork and cause internal dampness. A mossy roof can also prevent the heat of the sun from being absorbed making your home feel cold and difficult to heat. Roof cleaning in Nottingham

Cleaning Gutters in Nottingham

In guttering, moss can be catastrophic, causing blockages and other damage. According to home insurers, blocked or damaged guttering is one of the leading causes of household water damage.

The answer is to have your roof and guttering cleaned professionally so that these problems are avoided. Having Roof and gutter cleaning in Nottingham is not time consuming or expensive. There are local companies offering these services and in most cases, both jobs can be carried out in the same visit. Gutter cleaning in Nottingham as a service is vital.

Nottingham Local Roof Cleaning Companies

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